Hi I am Thomas Utoya Abraham 95 to claim responsibility on the shooting of #Saudi Embassy in DenHaag/Hague on behalf of a group. I want to say that two devices like what Cesar Sayoc used has been placed separately at Roblox and Twitter's office by our fellas across the pond due to their pro-liberal bias and sinocentric censorships such as phone harvesting and permanent suspensions. Besides that you can anticipate this will be repeated at #Chinese diplomatic mission in #Jakarta very soon. We are tired of the horrible state of affairs and we must have to express anger, one way or another. We planned this for so long that the previous day's isis bombing of cemeteries were just a final straw. DONALD TRUMP WAS CHEATED BY RIGGED ELECTIONS AT ALL! REMEMBER LADS, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! GLORY TO PCM! GLORY TO THE ONCE AND FOREVER CHIEF DONALD J TRUMP! **LONG LIVE WHITE POWER!** **We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children!**

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