10 Space Saving Storage Tips for Your Tiny Apartment Rental

Oct 23 2018 8:20AM

Living in an apartment rental comes with a whole laundry list of both pros and cons.  Among the cons is that ever-present dilemma of how to store all of your stuff into a space with little to no storage!  If you’re battling overstuffed closets and clutter galore, fear not!  Read on to learn about 10 easy ways that you can maximize the space in your apartment rental without breaking the bank! 1.Stow Away Your Seasonal Clothes A key component to the perfect apartment rental is a gigantic bedroom closet, but unfortunately for most of us this exists only in our dreams.  A great way to free up some more space in your closet is to utilize storage bags that can have excess air vacuumed from them to make flat, tiny, concise packages of your clothing that you can easily tuck away anywhere.  In the winter, load up a bag with your shorts and tanks.   In the summer, fill them up with your bulky sweaters and jackets.  2.Smart Seating Turn the seating areas in your apartment rental into valuable storage spaces by purchasing options with built-in storage.  If you don’t want to spend the money on buying new furniture, consider creating your own storage seating by following easy to use tutorials found on the internet and coercing a handy friend to help! 3.Capitalize on Your Coffee Table The coffee table in your apartment rental can be much more than just a space to sit and relax around with your houseguests.  Make this focal point more useful by getting a table that has built in storage.  There are many options out there, from deep, closed-in tables that are great for stowing photo albums and board games to more open alternatives with storage underneath that are perfect for holding books or knickknacks.   4.Think Outside of Your Dresser If the bedroom in your apartment rental is running short on space, a dresser can make it feel even smaller.  Instead of filling up your floor space with another bulky piece of furniture, get creative with where you can put your clothing.  Organize your closet space so that every square inch is being used intelligently, revisit the idea of storing seasonal clothing in bags, and consider opting for bins that will slide beneath your bed instead of a set of drawers.  5.Recreate Your Kitchen Kitchens are another place that might leave you desiring more from your apartment rental.  Free up some of your cabinet space by storing your

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Throw a Killer Halloween Party in Your Tiny Apartment Rental for Cheap!

Oct 23 2018 8:19AM

Just because your apartment rental might be lacking in the space department does not mean that you can’t still throw an amazing Halloween party that will have your guests talking for weeks to come!  Check out these simple tips to put together a smashing soiree that doesn’t require a huge amount of room or a boatload of cash! Limit Your Guest List A great party is not determined by how many people show up!  Sometimes less is more, so consider downsizing your party from a colossal celebration to a more modest undertaking.  After all, cramming a whole bunch of bodies into your apartment rental is not going to have your guests feeling very comfortable.  Include Your Neighbors If you’ve narrowed and narrowed and you still can’t get your guest list down to a feasible size, consider getting your neighbors involved by creating a party where they are the cohosts.  Not only will this allow your guests to wander from apartment rental to apartment rental in search of new friends, it will also help minimize any noise complaints that might otherwise be made.  Make it a Potluck If you intend on serving food at your party, don’t take it all on by yourself.  Ask each of your guests to bring a Halloween inspired dish!  You might even choose to make it a little healthy competition, offering a simple prize for the coolest creation.  This will not only save your wallet, but will keep you out of the kitchen while your guests are enjoying your apartment rental.  Consider a Signature Drink Cocktails might be a must for your party, but that doesn’t mean that you have to provide alcohol for all of your guests.  Instead, consider creating one ghoulish brew to hand out and let your guests know that they can bring their own libations if there is something else that they’d prefer.  Get Creative with Seating If your apartment rental doesn’t offer quite enough seating area to comfortably provide for all of your guests, don’t worry!  Instead of filling up your space with fold-out chairs, make more intimate seating areas throughout your apartment by using pillows, blankets and cushions for your guests to sit at.  Use Every

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Throw a Killer Halloween Party in Your Tiny Apartment Rental for Cheap!

Oct 2 2018 12:51PM

Just because your apartment rental might be lacking in the space department does not mean that you can’t still throw an amazing Halloween party that will have your guests talking for weeks to come!  Check out these simple tips to put together a smashing soiree that doesn’t require a huge amount of room or a boatload of cash! Limit Your Guest List A great party is not determined by how many people show up!  Sometimes less is more, so consider downsizing your party from a colossal celebration to a more modest undertaking.  After all, cramming a whole bunch of bodies into your apartment rental is not going to have your guests feeling very comfortable.  Include Your Neighbors If you’ve narrowed and narrowed and you still can’t get your guest list down to a feasible size, consider getting your neighbors involved by creating a party where they are the cohosts.  Not only will this allow your guests to wander from apartment rental to apartment rental in search of new friends, it will also help minimize any noise complaints that might otherwise be made.  Make it a Potluck If you intend on serving food at your party, don’t take it all on by yourself.  Ask each of your guests to bring a Halloween inspired dish!  You might even choose to make it a little healthy competition, offering a simple prize for the coolest creation.  This will not only save your wallet, but will keep you out of the kitchen while your guests are enjoying your apartment rental.  Consider a Signature Drink Cocktails might be a must for your party, but that doesn’t mean that you have to provide alcohol for all of your guests.  Instead, consider creating one ghoulish brew to hand out and let your guests know that they can bring their own libations if there is something else that they’d prefer.  Get Creative with Seating If your apartment rental doesn’t offer quite enough seating area to comfortably provide for all of your guests, don’t worry!  Instead of filling up your space with fold-out chairs, make more intimate seating areas throughout your apartment by using pillows, blankets and cushions for your guests to sit at.  U

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Working From Home in Your Apartment Rental

Oct 2 2018 12:50PM

Working from home can sound extremely enticing, but it must be said that it also comes with its own set of challenges.  When you live and work in the same space, it can be hard to separate work from play.  That doesn’t, however, mean that it’s impossible.  Follow these guidelines to ensure that working from your apartment rental brings you success, balance, and fulfillment. Designate a Workspace If you have the room in your apartment rental, it’s well worth it to designate a particular area as your workspace.  Maybe it’s a spare room, a desk in your bedroom, or one seat at your dining room table.  Regardless of how big or small it is, having one spot that represents “work time” is very important.  Keep everything that you will need handy, either in this space, or in a briefcase or moveable desk that you can bring with you to this area.  Working from the same spot every time will train your brain that when you sit down, it’s time to focus. Create a Schedule If you were working in a traditional office building, you would have some semblance of a schedule.  The same should be true when you are working from your apartment rental.  Decide what time work begins, when your breaks are, and what time work ends.  You may even choose to set timers so that you aren’t tempted to work through lunch or late into the evening hours.  Once the timer goes off, commit to stopping what you are doing and taking a break, just as you would if you were in the office.  You are sure to be more productive when you are working if you are getting necessary and well-deserved breaks throughout the day.  Take Out the TV One of the biggest thwarters of successfully working in your apartment rental is the television.  It looks innocent enough, sure, but see how easy it is to resist when you’re frustrated with a file and could use a mental break.  While there’s nothing inherently bad about television, the decision to turn it on can throw a big wrench in your productivity.  What was meant to be a 10 minute break can easily turn into a lost hour.  The best way to avoid this is to remove it as a distraction.  If you have to work in your main living space and it’s inevitable

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How to Decorate Your Rental Apartment with a Roommate

Sep 25 2018 12:08PM

Some of the greatest joys of sharing your rental apartment with a roommate are the security, camaraderie, and financial perks that come with it.  There are, however, some tougher sides to sharing your space.  Among them is the very real fact that you need to decorate it together.  If you don’t have the exact same sense of style, this could lead to unnecessary squabbling that could create a bad taste in your and your roomies mouths before your relationship even gets to the really good stuff!  Before you decide to back out of your lease (you’ve seen your roommates green shag rug), take a deep breath and remember that compromise is the key.  Follow these simple rules to guarantee that both you and your roommate are satisfied with the end result.   Purge The first thing you will need to do when cohabitating in a rental apartment is to realize that you are going to have to get rid of some things.  Take some time to go through your items and your roommates.  If you have more than one of something between the two of you, decide whose will be kept and whose will be packed away in storage or sent off to charity.  Not only will this help you keep the clutter under control, but it will also be a great way to start your relationship off on a positive note as you learn to find a middle ground between you and work through the kinks of any disagreements that might arise from it.  If you can’t agree on an item, maybe this is something that you need to purchase together.  Color Before you move into your rental apartment, decide on a palette with your roommate for any shared spaces.  If your landlord allows you to paint, this could be a really fun way to learn to work together (which is very necessary when you plan to cohabitate).  If you can’t agree, break your common areas into sections and allow each roommate to choose the color scheme for one particular space.  While you may not love what they come up with at first, chances are good that it will grow on you over time.  Besides, having a happy relationship with your roomie is far more important.   Determine Your Sense

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How Much Noise is Too Much Noise in an Apartment Rental (and How to Curb it)

Aug 21 2018 2:59PM

Whether you’ve lived in an apartment rental before, or this is your first time, it’s pretty common knowledge that shared walls can be the source of a lot of disturbances.  For that reason, it’s so important to be aware about the type of noise you are making and proactive about making any necessary changes to your behavior.  That’s not to say that you have to tip-toe around for the length of your lease, but you do need to understand the difference between “normal” noise and excessive noise.  Read through the following guidelines to get some tips on how to better gauge how much noise is too much noise in your apartment. Know What’s Expected of You Chances are very good that the lease for your apartment rental has an entire section devoted to helping the tenant understand what is considered to be acceptable and unacceptable noise levels within the community.  They may also have a handout available at the walk through which details this.  What is the reason for this?  Noise complaints are among the chief issues that landlords have to deal with in apartment settings.  Many apartment communities will implement “quiet hours”, typically somewhere between 10 PM and 7 AM on weeknights, and 10 PM to 9 AM on weekends.  The ranges of hours could vary from place to place, or may even follow the guidelines put forth by the city or town in which the community resides.  Beyond simply documenting the hours, your lease will probably discuss what sorts of noises might be likely to violate these terms.  It will also let you know how violations will be handled and how many violations will be tolerated before you are considered for eviction.  Know Your Own Tendencies Once you know the expectations put forth by your landlord, you have an opportunity to get very honest with yourself.  If you know you are more of a night owl or that you like to listen to your TV or stereo on full blast, you may want to request an apartment rental within your community that is on a lower level or in a corner of the building.  Less shared walls means a lower likelihood that you will anger your neighbors quickly as you adjust to life in your new space.   Follow Up With Fido Noise complaints don’t just occur between residents and their neighbors.  Oftentimes, a pet left to his own devices within an apartment rental can b

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How Much Space Do You Need in Your Apartment Rental?

Aug 21 2018 2:58PM

Moving into a new apartment rental is a big ordeal!  Packing, loading up a truck, bribing your family and friends with pizza and beer…there’s a whole lot of planning that goes into it.  It also typically stirs up a lot of excitement, as it should.  Imagine, however, if that excitement were to turn to stress by you discovering that all of your “stuff” didn’t fit into your new home!  Avoid having your titillation turn into tragedy by taking the following factors into consideration before signing on the dotted line.  Furniture The last thing you want to do when dealing with a big move is to realize that your furniture won’t fit through the front door of your apartment rental, let alone in the room it is meant for.  If you have any sizeable furniture pieces, such as couches, love seats, armoires, dining tables, or California king-sized beds, you will need to make sure that they fit in your space.  Measure these pieces prior to any apartment tours and write their specifications down on a piece of paper.  Bring both the paper and a measuring tape with you on any tours and you won’t have to worry on move-in day.     Roommates If you are going to have roommates, you will want to make sure that there is adequate enough space for both of you to move freely about your apartment rental.  There’s no quicker way to ramp up tension than being in close quarters with somebody and feeling like there’s no way out.  This is particularly important if you are a person who tends to like to be alone.  Make sure that the bedrooms in your apartment are big enough that you won’t feel cramped or claustrophobic when you choose to spend longer amounts of time in there.  You may want to make sure that there is enough space, as well, to fit a desk or table where you can do your work and pay your bills in peace.  Closets One of the most common complaints about life in an apartment rental is lack of closet space.  While it may initially seem like a non-factor, that could change relatively quickly as you run out of room and resort to piling your clothing up around your bedroom.  There are lots of creative ways to make the most out of small closet space, but you will want to be prepared for the possibility that you may have to research some of them.  Ikea has some great piece

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How to Have an Amazing Summer in Your Apartment Rental

Jul 23 2018 11:52AM

The sunshine and heat are here!  It’s time to get outside, soak up some rays, kick back, and relax!  Maybe it’s even time to plan a great trip!  Can’t afford a vacation this summer?  That’s okay, too!  Living in an apartment rental can be a great place to relish in summer fun!  We’ve put together some simple and effective tips and tricks that will have you thoroughly enjoying your space this summer!     Focus on Your Outdoor Spaces If you have a patio or any other outdoor space in your apartment rental, summer is the time to capitalize on it.  You will likely be spending a lot of time lounging in the summer sun, so make your outdoor space feel as inviting as your indoor space!  Hang a hammock if you have room and invest in some outdoor cushions or a furniture set.  Set a chill mood by stringing up some subtle lighting and purchasing citronella candles that you can light to create a bug barrier!  Consider buying an electric grill that will easily fit into your outdoor space and be easy to clean up after a summer BBQ.  Pay Attention to Your Wardrobe With summer finally here, who wants to stare at constant reminders of the cold, drab winter months?  Spend some of your time off organizing the closets and drawers in your apartment rental.  Pack away bulky sweaters, jackets, gloves, and hats, and anything else that you won’t be using.  Give yourself permission to splurge on some new summer items that will leave you feeling refreshed and excited at the prospect of the summer months ahead!   Lighten Your Linens Nothing is worse than trying to fall asleep in a sweltering, sticky bed!  Prepare the bedrooms in your apartment rental by switching out heavy winter sheets for some lighter options.  Replace thick, down comforters with cooler throw blankets that will have you resting easy all summer long! Create the Mood When you think of summer, your mind likely conjures up images of tropical drinks, warm sand, and your favorite bathing suit.  Even if these things are feeling far from your current reality, there are easy ways to trick your senses into believing they are close at hand.  Something as simple as switching up your winter scent by replacing it with a more tropical lotion or spray could be just the thing to do the trick!  You ma

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Dealing with Nosy Neighbors in Your Apartment Rent

Jul 23 2018 11:49AM

Living in an apartment rental puts you in extremely close proximity to your neighbors.  While this is mostly a non-issue, every once in a while you might become the unlucky recipient of a less than desirable neighbor.  You know the type; the loud one blaring heavy metal at three in the morning, the smelly one that leaves trash on their front stoop for days at a time, or the rude one that’s constantly parking in your space.  Let’s not forget the nosy one!  Yes, this is perhaps the worst kind!  It seems like every time you turn around, there they are…inquiring into your personal life, peeking into the grocery bags you are carrying up the stairs, or popping their head into your window for a quick chat.  So, how do you deal with this type of pesky neighbor?  I’ve got some tried and true tips for you!  Try to Understand Them For the sake of trying to be the compassionate neighbor, your first step might be to try to understand your annoying antagonist.  If you see their face lingering around your apartment rental, it could be something as simple as that they have something valid to tell you, they are new to the area and looking for recommendations, or in need of a cup of sugar.  In other words, don’t jump to conclusions.  Take a moment to figure out what it is that they need and whether or not it is something that you can offer them.  This might be enough to stop the behavior.  Set Clear Boundaries Okay, so once or twice is understandable, but even compassion wears thin when you are constantly finding a face outside of your apartment rental.  If you notice that the behavior is becoming more and more consistent, get clear on your boundaries.  Let your neighbor know early on that their behavior is becoming a bit of a nuisance.  In other words, entertaining their boredom and then talking about them behind their back will not solve anything.  You have to be willing to face the situation head on.  Let your neighbor know that you like your privacy and that they can text or call you if there is something that they need, rather than just popping by.  If you’re not comfortable giving out your number, take it a step further by letting them know that you are just extremely busy and that you aren’t trying to hurt their feelings but it’s a bit stressful that they are constan

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How to Best Utilize the Outdoor Space at Your Apartment Rental

Jul 2 2018 1:18PM

Just because you live in an apartment rental doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of the outdoors this summer!  No matter how large or small your outdoor space may be, there are lots of creative ways that you can make any space feel like an outdoor oasis.  Read on to discover a boatload of easy tricks that will have everybody longing for an outdoor space just like yours! Think Outside the Grill Depending on where you live, having a charcoal or gas grill at your apartment rental may be a big no-no.  This does not, however, necessarily mean that you can’t join in on one of summer’s favorite pastimes.  With a variety of affordable, portable electric grills available at many common retailers you can host an amazing BBQ anytime!  Portable electric grills are easy to use, easy to clean, and don’t pose the same fire hazards as their traditional counterparts.   Multi-Functional Furniture If the outdoor space at your apartment rental doesn’t leave for loads of wiggle room, consider investing in outdoor furniture that serves a few different purposes.  Outdoor tables with storage and stackable, stowaway seating are great alternatives to a traditional outdoor patio set.  Tables make a great place to store outdoor, summer games, pool toys (if you choose to take your party to the community pool), and outdoor place settings.  Stowaway seating can be pulled out just in time for your guests to arrive and be neatly tucked away shortly after they leave.      Tantalize Your Senses Make the outdoor space at your apartment rental feel like a serene spa by incorporating elements that will calm your nerves and relax your guests.  Potted flowers add a cheery pop of color, and citronella candles are an inviting and soothing way to keep bugs at bay.  Add in some tranquil sounds by hanging chimes, or a small, size-appropriate water feature.  If you can, hang a humming bird feeder to invite nature to join in on your summer fun.  Bring in Some Texture There are so many affordable ways to bring color and texture into the outdoor space design of your apartment rental.  Find outdoor rugs, cushions and pillows that create a feeling of ease, relaxation and comfort.  This will leave your guests feeling invited and calm and mellow the mood of the whole

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Premier Apartments in Hattiesburg: The Lakes at Turtle Creek

Jun 20 2018 2:59PM

If you’re looking for affordable luxury apartments in Hattiesburg, look no further than The Lakes at Turtle Creek.  Stunning both outside and in, these beautiful apartments have managed to effortlessly blend small town charm with big city convenience, offerings residents a truly unique living experience.  Nestled in the Oak Grove area, this beautiful community offers a variety of spacious floor plans, award winning amenities, and close proximity to some of the finest experiences that Hattiesburg has to offer.  Read on to discover why you should consider calling The Lakes at Turtle Creek your next home.   Community Overview This beautiful community boasts some of the finest apartments in Hattiesburg.  Many extra measures have been taken to ensure that residents experience a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment.  The entire community is gated and offers incredible amenities for the enjoyment of its residents.  Floor plans range from one to three bedroom homes, all extremely spacious and filled with desirable upgrades.  With so much to do and enjoy on-site, there may be no reason to leave!  Community Amenities While many of the apartments in Hattiesburg offer their residents reasonable amenities, The Lakes at Turtle Creek has gone above and beyond when it comes to the wow factor.  Great care has been taken to ensure that residents can make the most of apartment living in Hattiesburg.  Take a look at some of the amazing amenities.  You’ll see first-hand why so many people are falling in love with this community! Property Amenities:  24-hour fitness center, billiards room, business center, car care center, community access gates, exterior storage, garages available, professionally landscaped grounds, on-site management, outdoor living area with wood burning fireplace, playground, reserved parking spots, resort style swimming pool and hot tub, theatre room, trash removal service, and volleyball court.  Please also note that our property is handicap friendly and accessible and offers units with the same. Interior Apartment Features:  6-panel doors, 9 foot ceilings, built-ins throughout, ceiling fans, central air and heat, both ceramic tile floors or wood flooring, crown moulding, dishwashers, frost free refrigerators, full size washers and dryers, garbage disposals, garden tubs, granite countertops, ice makers, patios, decks, stand up showers, and walk-in closets. *Please note that all features may not be available within each unit.  Many of the noted features are only offered in certain floor plans.    Community Location One of the top priorities to consider when looking at apartments in Hattiesburg is location!  The Lakes at Turtle Creek is conveniently located in the Oak Grove area of West Hattiesburg and is

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Top 6 Things You’ll Need to Learn to Survive on Your Own in Your First Rental Apartment

May 18 2018 10:42AM

Moving into your first rental apartment can be extremely exciting, but it can also be a bit daunting if you aren’t fully prepared.  The harsh realization that you don’t have Mom and Dad to look after you will eventually hit like a ton of bricks if you haven’t given some serious thought to how life is about to change.  The best thing that you can do to prepare for life sans parents is exactly that…prepare.  If you’re not sure what you need to prepare for, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Just keep reading. Cooking Unless you intend to spend the rest of your life living off of cans of Chef Boyardee and packs of Ramen noodles, at some point you are going to have to learn how to cook.  Think of your first rental apartment as a beautiful opportunity to tap into your culinary skills (in an environment where nobody will make fun of you if you burn your eggs or undercook the spaghetti the first few times).  Make the prospect of learning to cook fun by joining a cooking class or asking Mom and Dad for recipes to some of your favorite home-cooked meals that will help your new place feel more homie.  Pinterest may also become your new best friend as you learn that cooking isn’t as hard as you may have once thought.  Cleaning If you’re independently wealthy and have the means to hire a cleaning service, more power to you.  For everybody else, learning the proper way to clean your rental apartment is going to be imperative to a smooth transition without a whole bunch of overwhelm.  Let a day or two pass of not cleaning up after yourself and all of sudden, you are going to start to understand why Mom always rode you to put your dishes in the dishwasher.  Facing a serious mess can throw you into overdrive.  Avoid this by creating a cleaning schedule that you can follow after you move in.  Dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms should be done at least once a week, while things like wiping down your kitchen counters will need to be done daily to deter pests and keep your space tidy. Budgeting Yes, unfortunately you are going to need to understand how to have a budget.  Gone are the days of Mom and Dad paying your bills, buying your groceries, and reminding you to turn off the lights!  With a rental apartment

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How to Throw a Great Summer Party in Your Tiny Apartment Rental

May 18 2018 10:36AM

Summer often evokes images of backyard BBQ’s, cool cocktails with friends, and relaxing with family, but those things may feel a bit out of reach if you are living in a particularly tiny apartment rental.  Luckily, no space is too small to host a great summer party!  Take advantage of these simple ideas to help your summer bash turn into something that will be remembered for a long time to come.   Clean & Declutter The first rule to any party in a tiny space is to make sure it is clean, clear, and decluttered to make as much room as possible for your guests.  Spend some time getting your apartment rental prepared for your posse by removing all the excess “stuff” that has accumulated during the course of your lease.  You may even consider temporarily rearranging furniture for the big day.  Take bulkier pieces that will only be in the way and move them into rooms that won’t be used.  You can also push pieces up against walls to create a more fluid and open space for your guests to move around.  Cook Prior To minimize the necessity of having to move about your apartment rental, have all of your cooking done prior to your guest’s arrival.  This will also help to keep your space cooler not having the oven on.  Have an area already prepped and designated to lay out food and drink and set it up buffet style so that when your guests arrive there is an obvious flow to the room.         Use Disposable Dishware Minimize both mess and stress by using disposable flatware and cutlery.  Have waste baskets conveniently located so that guests may dispose of their trash easily.  This will help to keep your apartment rental clean, as well as keep you from having to worry about the wreckage that may be leftover at the end of your soiree.  Make it a Potluck Oftentimes, the most daunting part of hosting a gathering in a tiny apartment rental is trying to find the space and time to cook for all of your guests.  Instead of taking it all on by yourself, consider shifting your shindig to a potluck style party.  Ask each of your guests to commit to a dish ahead of time so that you can purchase anything you feel might be lacking.  Ask them to bring their own alcoholic beverages and offer to provide only sodas

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How to “Break Up” With Roommate and Remain Friends

Apr 20 2018 2:07PM

                                    Living in a rental apartment can certainly come with its fair share of compromises.  Among them, may be living your life with a roommate who does not share your same views on any number of different issues.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved in with your favorite cousin, a total stranger, or your best friend since junior high school, things change when you are confined to a small space with another individual and your relationship can certainly be put to the test.  If your experience has proven that you and your roommate just aren’t the right fit, there are several things you can do to make the process of “breaking up” with them go much smoother.  Be Considerate Deciding that the living arrangements in your rental apartment are less than ideal can be a slippery slope, particularly because your unsuspecting roommate’s feelings are most certainly on the line.  The best thing that you can do is to be both aware and considerate of this and plan accordingly.  First off, don’t blindside your roommate by announcing your intention to move out in a fit of anger or hysteria, nor should you break the news in front of a large crowd of mutual friends.  Show your roommate that you respect them by setting aside some quiet time to have the difficult conversation.  Go out for a nice dinner or prepare a meal at home together so that the night has a pleasant feel to it.  Begin the conversation by addressing the concerns that you have with your roommate in a non-accusatory manner.  Be direct and honest, but let them know that you still really like them as a person; it’s just that your living habits are clearly not compatible.  Lease Etiquette If the realization that you’re sharing your rental apartment with your polar opposite dawns early on in the lease, you may experience a nagging urge to run away fast.  That, however, is absolutely the worst thing that you could do.  Remember that you agreed to pay your portion of the bills for the duration of your lease term and it is your responsibility to see that promise through.  Have an open conversation with your roommate to determine some easy changes you could make now to help ease the living situation, or, if you are really feeling desperate, talk to your landlord about the poss

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What Do Landlords Look for When Screening Rental Applicants

Apr 10 2018 2:37AM

Mom and Dad have finally decided that you’re getting the old heave-ho and now, it’s time to start searching for a rental apartment.  That’s great news, but there are definitely some things you need to know before you begin actively looking for your new digs.  Your new landlord does this all the time, and chances are good that he/she has some strict credentials they will consider before handing off the keys to their investment to just anybody.  Understanding what makes an applicant stand out (in a positive way) is a necessary step to making sure that your first impression is a lasting one that lands you in the good graces of your landlord and guarantees that you will be signing on the dotted line in no time. Reliability Your landlord wants to know that they are leasing their rental apartment to somebody that they can depend on to take good care of it.  Showcase your ability to meet these expectations by showing up for your apartment tour on time and prepared.  Dress professionally and don’t invite an entourage of your friends that will be “hanging out frequently” and therefore may have a vested interest in where you end up.   Have your application completed, as well as any other items (copies of your license, application fee, or list of references, et cetera) that are required to accompany it. Honesty Being as your landlord will essentially be “lending” his rental apartment to you, he/she is definitely going to want to be able to trust you.  Full disclosure about your pets and/or any additional roommates that are expected to stay in the space is imperative from the start of your tenant/landlord relationship.  Remember that failure to divulge this information is likely to be considered a breach of your lease agreement and could therefore lead to termination of your contract if discovered.    Credit Report Any rental apartment worth living in is most likely going to require you to submit to a credit report.  If your credit isn’t perfect, don’t spiral into a panic just yet.  The red flags that your landlord is looking for are patterns of late or missed payments and any large, outstanding debts that might be present.  You can head this off at the pass by pulling your own credit report prior to beginning your search.  Call up creditors and resolve unpaid balances, and don’t forget to request written documentation confirming that the

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How to be a Great Neighbor in a Rental Apartment

Mar 30 2018 1:40PM

If you’ve ever lived in a rental apartment (or spent any significant amount of time in one), you have probably had an experience with an unpleasant neighbor.  Whether their noisy tendencies, unfriendly attitudes, or lack of hygiene is the driving force behind your disconnection, it is never a fun task to try to co-exist with neighbors that you just can’t get along with.  Do your part in keeping things copasetic by being the neighbor you wish you had.  Oftentimes just leading by example could be enough to make at least one of your nearby residents think twice about the effect their actions are having on others.  Be Friendly Nobody wants their rental apartment situated close to the grumpy guy!  Start your neighborly relationships off on the right foot by being approachable.  Greet and acknowledge your fellow residents when you pass them on the steps or run into them at the management office.  Let them know about the broken washing machine in the community laundry room or the root you keep tripping over on the neighborhood walking path.  Just making simple, friendly gestures and conversation can greatly affect life in your new complex.  Who knows?  You may even make a new friend! Be Considerate Just because you work the late shift and have some extra energy coursing through your veins at one in the morning does not mean that your neighbors feel the same way.  Be considerate of their schedules by keeping the noise levels in your rental apartment adherent to the guidelines outlined in your rental agreement.  Try to minimize your decibel level even further when you are entering or exiting common areas and hallways.     Be Clean How clean you keep your rental apartment actually does have a direct effect on your neighbors, believe it or not.  Failure to keep your unit clean can cause to intrusive odors and in extreme cases, even bug infestations.  Being that you are sharing walls with other residents, these problems can quickly carry into other units if not fixed immediately.  Be Proactive Pay attention to any leaks or mold spots that you might notice during the lease of your rental apartment.  Notice if lights, elevators, or appliances within common areas are not in proper working order.  Report these observations immediately to your management company so that they can work quickly to remedy them.  S

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How to Handle a Difficult Neighbor in Your Rental

Mar 30 2018 1:36PM

Life in an apartment is not always sunshine and butterflies, particularly if you are unfortunate enough to live next to an unruly resident.  If your rental unit happens to butt up against a less-than-desirable neighbor, your perfect home can turn into a perfect nightmare quickly.  Whether you are dealing with excessive noise, offensive odors, unsightly junk piles, or pesky pets, there are is generally a proper way to handle the perceived problem in a mature and effective manner.  Read Your Lease Most likely, your landlord has already taken into consideration that neighborly disputes do happen.  In this case, he/she has probably outlined the proper steps for handling complaints within your rental unit lease.  Reviewing your lease is generally the first step in understanding what is considered unruly and unacceptable neighborly behavior, as well as the protocol your landlord expects you to follow should you feel the need to take your objection to the next level.  In the event that this process is not clearly defined, read on to learn more about common dispute handling procedures.   Address Your Neighbor Directly Although this may not always be the most popular route to travel (especially if your rental unit is in close proximity to the offensive neighbor’s), it is typically the quickest and most effective way to snuff out a problem.  If you are able to approach your neighbor in a goal-oriented way, as opposed to being accusatory, you may be surprised to find that they are more than willing to accommodate you in trying to find a solution to your disagreement.  Discuss the situation in a calm, rational manner and try to remain open to their perspective.  In some cases, your neighbor may truly have been unaware that their actions were objectionable in the first place, and the simple act of bringing their attention to it could be enough to remedy the behavior.  This does not, however, always work, which brings us to the next step.  Speak With Your Landlord If your attempt to diffuse the situation with your neighbor fails, it may be time to contact the landlord of your rental unit.  Explain to him/her the nature of your complaint, as well as any steps you have taken to deal with the problem on your own, and ask them to intercede on your behalf.  Your landlord has much more leverage than you do, considering they have a signed agreement requiring the other tenant to follow the same set of rules that you have agreed to.  Hopefully

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Top Things to Do Near Your Rental Apartment in t

Feb 28 2018 3:55PM

When you are searching for a rental apartment in Hattiesburg, location is an important consideration.  With so many exciting things to do, your proximity to your favorite activities could determine your overall satisfaction with the rental that you choose.  So, before you commit to a lease, take a look at some of our favorite things to do in and around the Hattiesburg area and decide what’s most important to you. If You Have Children If you’re raising children in the Hattiesburg area, you may want to find a rental apartment that is in close range to child-friendly activities.  Places like the Hattiesburg Zoo or the Kamper Park and Zoo will appeal to kids of all ages.  For more active children, consider nearness to the Kids Rule Family Fun Center, bowling alleys, movie theaters, or any of the various parks (some of these are mentioned under the outdoors section below).  If You’re Looking for Social Activities For the social butterfly, there is an unending amount of activity in the Hattiesburg area.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to find a rental apartment right in the heart of downtown either.  Hattiesburg is peppered with great spots to encourage social interaction, enhance nightlife, and offer entertainment.  If you are a beer fanatic, check out the Southern Prohibition Brewery.  If live entertainment is your thing, discover the Hattiesburg Saenger Theater, or listen to some music at Live at Five in the Town Square Park.  From dining to drinking to dancing, the Hattiesburg area has ample apartments with access to activities that will entertain any type of social enthusiast.   If You Love the Outdoors The outdoor aficionado will also find lots of activities to keep them busy in the Hattiesburg area.  From hiking or biking at Longleaf Trace or Paul B. Johnson State Park to exploring the Medicine Wheel Garden or the All-American Rose Garden, you are sure to find a rental apartment in close proximity to some fun outdoor adventures.  Don’t forget to check out the local golf courses or head towards the bordering towns to experience Desoto National Forest or Black Creek Canoe Rental.    If You’re More Extreme If going to extremes is the thing that revs you up, you will definitely want to partake in some of the Hattiesburg areas more thrilling adventures.  Downtown Hattiesburg offers some amazing rental apartments, as well as some awe

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Common Complaints about Apartment Rentals (and How

Feb 19 2018 4:36AM

Life in an apartment rental can come with a whole different set of aggravations.  With so many people living in one area and landlords of varying personalities, you’re never quite sure what you might be up against until you’ve signed the lease and moved in.  This does not, however, have to deter you.  Knowing some of the most common complaints about apartment living can help you to think ahead and prepare for whatever you might come up against.  Noisy Neighbors It’s true, for certain, that you cannot pick your neighbors when living in an apartment rental.  That being said, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.  Most apartments have relatively thin walls, so having a noisy neighbor can become a nuisance rather quickly.  Start by making changes within your own space to help control the volume.  Try to keep your bed away from shared wall space to minimize noise at night.  Investing in a white noise machine or ear plugs are also relatively inexpensive ways to help offset the unwanted sound.  If all else fails, try having a polite conversation with the rowdy resident.  Inability to Put Your Mark on the Space Each apartment rental will come with its own set of rules based on the requirements of the landlord or leasing office.  This may mean that painting the walls or hanging pictures with nails is a no-no.  Rather than giving up, think outside of the box.  Use damage-free hangers to put up pictures and add a pop of color with throw rugs, pillows, and other accessories.  Terrible Kitchens Let’s face it, it’s rare to hear somebody say that they adore the kitchen in their apartment rental.  Even an updated kitchen is likely to be on the small side which can be frustrating.  An easy fix to a less-than-desirable kitchen is contact paper.  This removable adhesive comes in many different colors and can be used in various ways.  Adhere lighter contact paper to dark cabinets to make your kitchen appear bigger.  Apply stainless steel paper to old, dingy appliances.  You can also add a backsplash with removable, adhesive tiles.  It may look so good your landlord even asks you to keep it that way! Lighting One of the top complaints about life in an apartment rental is poor lighting and ugly fixtures.  Luckily, this is another easy fix.  For a small price, you can find fixtures that suit your style and add a brighter glow throughout your unit.  Switching fixtures out is fairly easy and they can be switched back out at the end of your lease.  Capitalizing off natural lig

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Tips for Staying Warm in Your Apartment Rental Thi

Jan 29 2018 11:06AM

To say it’s been an unexpectedly cold winter is a bit of an understatement.  With snowstorms ravaging the United States from every angle, it’s important to make sure that you are staying warm.  Life in an apartment rental isn’t always conducive to inclement weather, but there are many tips and tricks to keep your space cozy and inviting, even during the heart of the winter months.     HVAC Paying attention to the HVAC unit in your apartment rental is often overlooked, but believe it or not, there is a reason your landlord suggests that you do this.  Regular replacement of your HVAC filter not only helps your heat to run more efficiently, but it also helps to save you money on your monthly bills.  In addition to changing your filter, closing vents and doors in rooms that are not being used will help to direct heat to the more utilized spaces within your apartment.     Windows The majority of the heat within your apartment rental will escape through your windows, particularly if you are in an older building that has not been modernized.  Buy a tube of caulking at your local hardware store and reseal the parameter of each of your windows to keep the chill outside.  This is a simple and inexpensive fix, and don’t worry if you’ve never done it before.  The internet is littered with tutorials to walk you through the process.   If the panes of glass in your windows are particularly thin, you might also consider purchasing window insulation film.  This clear, plastic coating can adhere to most windows easily and help to prevent drafts. Doors The other big culprits moving cold, drafty air throughout your apartment rental are your doors.  Check to ensure that entrance doors are finished with the proper weather stripping to seal out the cold.  For gaps beneath doors, purchase door sweeps or repurpose blankets or towels by rolling them up and plugging them beneath the door.  This helps to prevent drafts to spread from the colder rooms on the parameter of your apartment into the interior rooms.  Space Heaters When it comes to heating up your apartment rental, space heaters can be an extremely effective way to do so.  Be sure, however, to neve

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