How to Communicate with a Rental Management Team

Aug 31 2019 11:58AM

Moving into a new rental community often means making a lot of new adjustments, particularly when it comes to your interaction with your new management team.  Your landlord and/or management team are integral to having a positive experience in your new home, so it’s imperative that you learn to communicate effectively with them from the very start of your lease.  Here are some tried and true tips to help you do just that. Be Punctual It is said that first impressions are everything, and there’s a lot of truth behind that statement.  Show your landlord that you will be a valuable addition to their rental community by making a positive impression that sticks.  Answer the phone if they call you back to schedule a walk-through and be sure to show up a few minutes early for your first meeting.  You may even consider driving by the property a few times so that you know exactly how to get there and know you won’t be inadvertently late.  Be Prepared Every apartment community will have a different set of expectations and documentation that they will require to complete your application.  Make sure that when you show up to meet your landlord for the first time, you are prepared by having everything neatly organized and accessible.  Be Curious Don’t assume that the landlord or management team can read your mind.  If something is unclear or you have a question about the property, what’s included in the rent, or the community rules, make sure that you ask.  It might even be helpful to attend your walk-through with a list of questions prepared so that you don’t walk away having forgotten anything.  Be Transparent Try not to fluff up your application with untruths and exaggerations.  It is quite likely that your rental community will contact your previous landlords and, perhaps, even require personal references.  Honesty is absolutely the best policy, so start off on the right foot by being completely forthcoming about your rental history and anything else that you might be tempted to misrepresent. Be Respectful Remember that your landlord and/or management team is under no obligation to rent a unit to you.  If you show up with a bad attitude, it may give off the impression that you are difficult to work with, which is a good way to ensure that they offer the unit you are interested in to somebody who may feel like a better fit.  Be respectful by making eye contact,

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How to Cook in a Small Apartment Rental

Aug 31 2019 11:54AM

Life in an apartment rental can sometimes mean giving up perks like large open spaces and backyards in favor of other benefits such as convenient locations and awesome amenities.  If you love to cook, however, these concessions can weigh heavily on you as you potentially transition into life with a tiny kitchen.  That being said, there are a lot of easy ways that you can convert your pint-sized cook space into a kitchen that is truly chef-worthy!   Consider Convenience Nearly every kitchen (even one in a tiny apartment rental) has a definable triangle.  The triangle consists of your refrigerator, sink and stove.  When you set up your kitchen, be sure to do so in a way that compliments this already existing triangular arrangement.  Make sure, for example, that your trash can is located near the sink to make cleaning dishes and discarding of scraps easy and convenient.  Another tip is to arrange your food prep area close enough to the refrigerator so that transferring items from one place to the next is effortless.  Organize Having a kitchen that is tidy and organized will help you to up your cooking game as well (and it may also make your kitchen feel a bit bigger).  Arrange cabinets, pantries, refrigerators and freezers in a way that allows you to easily see what you have.  Doing so will help you to avoid overstocking (taking up room that you don’t necessarily have).  Additionally, keep your countertops free of clutter so that your space feels bigger. Stackable Storage Options Use stackable Tupperware for any leftovers that you plan on keeping.  If possible, label these items clearly and date them so that you know when it’s time to discard them.  This will help to keep your refrigerator organized and decluttered. Divide Bulk Items Sometimes it makes a lot of sense and saves quite a bit of money to purchase items in bulk.  If your monthly trip to Costco has left the kitchen of your apartment rental looking like an extension of the store, however, it might be time to invest a little money in pretty air-tight jars that you can display smaller amounts of dry goods in on your countertops.  Store the remainder in a pantry or a closed cabinet that is out of the way and not as easily accessible.   Clean Up Nothing

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The Best Pets to Have in Your Apartment Rental

Jul 22 2019 11:53AM

Let’s face it; life with animals is just better!  There’s nobody else that loves us as unconditionally as our pets!  That being said, if you’re living in an apartment rental, it might feel like whether or not you should get a pet is a more difficult decision.  After all, they might need to be potty-trained, they could shed, they might scratch floors or damage baseboards … the list of possible detriments is endless!  Don’t, however, be so quick to give up hope!  There are all different types of pets, some of whom thrive in apartment situations!     Rats/Mice While you may never have thought of rats or mice as ideal pets, they are actually extremely intelligent (some even more intelligent than dogs).  They are relatively quiet and can easily live in small tanks, making them ideal for life in a smaller apartment rental.  It is important to note, however, that rats and mice are nocturnal creatures, so if you are a light sleeper, their scratching around could be bothersome to you.  It’s also imperative that you don’t allow them to escape, as rodents in the walls can create HUGE problems for your entire building.  Fish Beautiful, colorful and tranquil, a fish tank is a charming addition to any apartment rental.  While it’s true that fish may not be the cuddliest creatures, they do make great apartment pets.  Fish tanks can be as large or as small as your space permits and fish don’t require a whole lot of upkeep.  Feed them twice a day and clean their tank every so often, and voila!       Reptiles Lizards, snakes and turtles of various types and sizes are also great options as apartment dwelling pets.  Again, their habitats don’t necessarily have to take up large areas in your space, and they are some of the quietest pets around!  The downside?  Reptile cages can become smelly quite quickly if not diligently maintained.       Guinea Pigs/Hamsters Guinea pigs and hamsters are notorious for their uncanny ability to remain perfectly content running around in circles for hours at a time.  This ability to keep themselves both entertained and exercised makes them great apartment pets!  They do, however, require larger cages that allow them some free space to roam around.  Rabbits Rabbits are another great pet to keep in your apartment rental.  They are soft and cuddly, relatively low-maintenance

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The 10 Best Apps You’ll Want to Have as a Renter

Jul 22 2019 11:49AM

These days it seems like technology has a hand in everything, and the rental market is no different.  Apps come out every day that are geared at making your life as a renter easier, which is great news!  With so many simple-to-use (and oftentimes free) apps at your fingertips, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice not trying a few out, but where to start?  Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the top ten apps you absolutely must check out as a renter!     1. Zumper This app is perfect if you’re trying to figure out exactly where you’d like to call home!  It allows the renter to learn about particular neighborhoods and what makes them unique by explaining weather patterns, describing nearby parks and recreational activities, landmarks, culture, and more!  It even makes it possible to submit rental applications and fees via the app.  The best news?  It’s free! 2. Clarity Money Every renter should have a working budget, and the Clarity Money app makes it easy to do just that.  It works by tracking your spending habits and then, makes helpful suggestions of simple changes you could make that would help you to cut and save in particular areas.  3. Handy If you’re not particularly handy, you may need access to somebody who is during your time as a renter (especially as you near the end of your lease if you want to get back that security deposit).  The aptly named Handy app connects users to top-rated professionals all across the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and even allows you to book their services right through the app! 4. Nextdoor If you’re new to an area, the Nextdoor app is a must-have and is a great way to build community and get to know your neighbors.  It connects you to people with addresses close to yours and allows you all to interact.  There are places to post about lost/found pets, upcoming events in the area, upcoming meetings, and more!    5. Canary This is actually more than just an app.  It’s a whole security system that makes your life as a renter exponentially safer.  Once the security cameras have been set up in your home, this handy app allows you to monitor your space from anywhere!  Installing a security system can also lower renter’s insurance rates.  6. YouTube TV Skip the hassle of dealing with t

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How to Find Your Ideal Roommate

Jun 25 2019 8:46AM

Living in an apartment rental is often made easier if you have a reliable roommate that can help you to handle some of the responsibility that comes with it.  A good roommate won’t just help with the bills, but should also assist with the chores, help to ensure that you never run out of toilet paper (and other essentials), and not eat the food with your name clearly marked on it in the refrigerator.  If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not!  There are lots of great ways to find the perfect roommate (that don’t require meeting strangers through Craigslist).  Here are just a few! Ask Your Friends & Family The easiest and safest way to find a new roommate to share in your apartment rental adventures is to ask the people that you know and trust.  Not that it’s necessarily always the best idea to live with a family member or even your best friend, but letting them know that you are actively searching for a roomie might be just the thing that leads you to your perfect partner!  Ask your friends and family to spread the word, reach out to their friends and family and keep their ears and eyes opened.  When you secure a roommate through this avenue, you’ll have a lot more insight as to their background and what type of a roommate they will be because they are being referred to you by people who have already built a rapport with them.  Ask the Experts If you’re not too sure that you fully trust the judgment of your friends and family, there’s no need to worry.  In the age of technology that we are currently in, there are a plethora of options available to you that will make the trying task of finding a new roommate much more accessible.  Logging onto a roommate pairing website, such as Roomiematch or Roomster, or signing up for apps like Easy Roommate or Diggz, could be just the thing to get you closer to finding your most ideal roommate.  These services range in cost, with many offering both short-term and longer-term subscription options to users.  Most of these services will also pre-screen potential roommates for you, making your job a whole lot easier!  Hang an Ad in the Common Area of Your Community If your apartment community will allow it (and, assuming they know t

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7 Reasons to Break Your Apartment Lease

Jun 25 2019 8:27AM

Breaking the lease in an apartment rental is rarely recommended.  Not only can it negatively impact your credibility as a renter to future landlords, but it can also come with hefty fines and the loss of your security deposit, as outlined in your lease.  That being said, there are certainly situations that could arise where breaking your lease might be the best thing to do.  If this is the case, it’s important to understand how best to handle them and what the potential impact from making the decision to break the lease could be.  Let’s take a look at a few of them! 1. Failure to Adhere to Lease Terms If you’ve signed a lease on your apartment rental and yet, it doesn’t quite feel like you are getting everything you were promised, you will most likely be able to get out of your lease agreement.  If, for example, you were promised a 2-bedroom, 2-bath space and instead you find yourself living without the pleasure of that second bathroom, there’s no reason you should be locked into the lease.  If you feel like you have been wronged, the proper thing to do is to first bring the discrepancy(s) to the attention of your landlord.  We are all human, and there’s always the chance that the oversight was an honest mistake.  If they are unwilling or unable to fix the problem, you should then take the necessary actions to get out of the lease and get your money back.  2. Unlivable Conditions Similarly, no tenant is legally bound to a lease agreement if the property being leased isn’t up to standards and deemed habitable.  Whether your apartment rental is plagued with a cockroach infestation, a mold problem, or asbestos, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to get these things fixed in order to make the property livable for you, the tenant.  Other scenarios that may cause a property to be deemed unlivable are its failure to meet housing codes, appliances and utilities that aren’t in good working order, or a safe living environment, among others.  3. You Don’t Feel Safe Speaking of safety, your home is your castle and you should never feel unsafe within its walls.  In certain situations, a landlord entering into your apartment rental without the proper notification could lead a tenant to feel unsafe and would be a breach of most lease agreements on the part of the landlord.  There are also scenarios where, if a tenant has suffered any form of dome

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Neighborly Behavior to Avoid in an Apt Community

May 25 2019 11:09AM

Making the transition from life in a single-family home to life in an apartment community can come with a lot of adjustments.  It’s not, after all, only about you and your needs anymore.  You’ve now got neighbors who will likely want to be considered when you make lifestyle decisions that could affect them.  Having a good rapport with your neighbors can really make or break your happiness in a living situation, so let’s take a look at some of the worst behaviors that you could exhibit as a new neighbor!  Avoiding these at all costs will help to ensure that your stay in your new apartment community is long and fruitful. The Noisy One There’s not a single resident in an apartment community who wants to live next to the noisy neighbor!  The noisy neighbor does everything at top volume.  When they walk, the picture frames in adjacent units lean at a tilt.  When they talk on the phone, it sounds as though they are standing in your living room.  Whatever you do, remember to be mindful of your neighbor’s ears.       The Tattletale Another nagging neighborly trait is the one who’s constantly trying to start trouble.  If you’re old enough to live on your own, you should certainly exhibit that by handling any disputes maturely and confronting your neighbor calmly rather than running to the landlord for every little thing.  The Creeper Somehow it seems like every apartment community has one unit that houses the creepy person.  No matter where you turn, it seems that this person is always right there, looking over your shoulder.  If you want to make friends in your new community definitely don’t be this guy! The Fighter If the noise coming from your apartment sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer on full volume, you’re probably an annoying neighbor.  While, naturally, arguments will happen if you’re living with another person, try to keep your domestic disputes to a bare minimum (and quiet, so the rest of your neighbors don’t have to hear you air your dirty laundry).  The Passionate Couple On the flip side of that coin is the passionate couple!  It’s great that you love your significant other!  That being said, your neighbors don’t want to feel like they have front row tickets to your lovefest on a daily basis!  Respect your apartment community by keeping your romance under wraps.  The Crazy One While chances are good that you are pr

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What to Know Before Breaking Your Apartment Lease

May 25 2019 11:06AM

All good things must come to an end, and life in your rental apartment is no exception.  Sometimes, however, life can throw us curveballs that might expedite our departure a bit earlier than originally intended.  If you’ve found yourself in this type of situation, don’t fret!  We’ve got everything you need to know about the potential impacts of breaking your lease.  Read Your Lease Carefully Most of the answers you seek to the questions that you have about prematurely vacating your rental apartment are right under your nose, contained within the fine print of your signed and notarized lease agreement.  This document will pinpoint what, if any, fines will be accrued for leaving your rental early (helping you to determine if it’s worth it cost-wise, assuming that you have a choice in the matter).  It will also likely outline scenarios that your landlord and/or property management team deem valid and reasonable excuses to vacate the premises sooner than expected (therefore potentially avoiding the aforementioned fines).  These reasons vary from state to state (and among individual landlords), but may include the following: If there are conditions within your rental that are making it uninhabitable or that indicate that the space provided by your landlord does not meet the specifications put forth in your lease agreement. If you are called to active Military duty. If you have suffered an illness or injury that renders you unable to pay your rent or otherwise support yourself. If you are a victim of domestic violence and staying in your apartment may put you in an unsafe position.  If your landlord has entered your premises without your permission or has otherwise invaded your personal privacy.  These are only a few examples landlords might use to determine your “eligibility” to break your lease early.  You can gain further clarification by understanding your lease and also becoming aware of any state laws surrounding early lease termination.  How to Handle Your Landlord If you’ve considered all of your options and determined that it is, indeed, in your best interest to break the lease on your apartment rental, there is a certain protocol you will want to follow as you initiate the process.  For one thing, try to give your landlord as much advanced notice as is poss

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Things to Know When Looking for Apartments

Apr 23 2019 11:42AM

Hattiesburg, MS is a great place to live for myriad reasons.  Also known as “Hub City” to both inhabitants and visitors alike, it offers an unmatched convenience paired with small-town southern charm and access to a variety of activities and attractions.  With so much to offer, it’s no wonder you’re considering looking at apartments in Hattiesburg!  In an effort to jumpstart your search, let’s take a look at a few things you need to know about life in the area!  1.Average Rent Apartments in Hattiesburg are increasing in demand as more and more people realize what a great place it is to live!  For this reason, the rental rates have climbed from an average of $864 last year to $942 as of March of this year, according to the online resource, Rent Jungle.  No need to panic, however.  This is still well below the national average of $1,430, making Hattiesburg one of the more affordable growing cities in the Midwest.    2.Common Amenities Different apartments in Hattiesburg and the surrounding area will offer different amenities to their tenants, but across the board, you can expect clean and practical units.  With the variance in weather patterns, many communities boast wood-burning fireplaces and/or access to community swimming pools and hot tubs.  You might also find on-site fitness centers, 24-hour maintenance, access to laundry facilities, as well as interior upgrades such as vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, and walk-in closets.  3.Outlook on Pets While each apartment community in Hattiesburg is sure to have its own rules regarding live-in pets, the town, in and of itself is considered a pet-friendly place to live.  If you’re bringing a furry friend with you on your move to our beautiful city, rest assured that there are plenty of apartment rentals available in the area that would be happy to host both you and your pet!  4.Safety Your safety, as a resident or guest in our city, is of the utmost importance.  For that reason, many apartments in Hattiesburg have gone the extra mile to ensure it.  From gated communities to built-in alarm systems, there’s something available to make even the jumpiest tenant feel absolutely safe and secure.   5.School Ratings The city of Hattiesburg offers access to a lot of great schools!  In

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Easy Ways to Save Money in Your Rental Apartment

Apr 23 2019 11:09AM

Venturing out on your own can be exciting and perhaps, a bit scary.  Life in a rental apartment can get expensive quickly, but don’t fret.  We’ve got some great tips and tricks to help you save money while making the transition.  Do the Heavy Lifting Yourself The actual act of moving into your new rental apartment can carry its own hefty price tag if you’re not careful.  Rather than hiring an expensive moving company to pack, transport and unload your belongings, consider gathering up a group of friends and paying them in pizza instead! Get a Roommate Another easy way to combat costs in your new rental apartment is to find a roomie!  If you’ve got the extra space and you’ve found somebody that you feel you could easily live with, it definitely makes sense to invite them to take over that spare bedroom…and half of the rent and bills! Ditch Cable Traditional cable is quickly becoming a thing of the past, being replaced, instead, by lots of other cheap and feasible alternatives.  Some of these options, such as cable network channels online and YouTube or Vimeo are even completely free!  Others, like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, all come in under ten dollars a month and offer a range of programming!  Consider the Amenities Something to consider when you’re on the hunt for your new rental apartment is to find a unit within a complex that offers amenities you will use!  A community with a built in gym, for example, could save you extra money that you would otherwise have to spend on a gym membership.  Heating & Cooling Hacks Heating and cooling your rental apartment is another thing that can drive up the cost of your monthly bills unexpectedly.  Instead of allowing your space to go through big fluctuations in temperature, plan to keep your thermostat right around 78 degrees throughout the day while you are at work.  If you like to sleep in a colder temperature, that’s fine!  It takes a lot less energy to cool your space when the sun is down.  You can also keep the curtains drawn during the day in both the summer and the winter to keep both sunlight and drafts out.  During colder winter months, consider investing in a small space heater so that you can isolate which rooms need warming instead of heating the whole apart

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Amenities That Will Make Spring in Your Apartment

Mar 31 2019 11:25PM

Spring has finally arrived!  It’s time to open up all of the windows and let the beautiful breezes of spring move out any dust and stagnancy that’s collected over the winter months!  You can almost feel yourself bursting with energy as you think about the next six months spent lavishing in the sunshine, playing outdoors, and reconnecting with nature!  If you’re gearing up for a big move, there are certainly some amenities that  you might want to look for when you’re searching for your new apartment rental that will ensure that the upcoming days of spring are spent well!  On-Site Workout Facilities Springtime means that you are that much closer to bathing suit season, and let’s face it, the vast majority of us could use a little tune-up before slipping into our swimwear.  It has, after all, been a long and dreary winter!  As you search for your new space, look for an apartment rental community that offers you access to a place to work off your winter fluff!  You’ll be thankful that you did when summer rolls around.  Pools Speaking of spending time in your swimsuit, nothing says springtime like the first dip in the pool!  Finding an apartment rental that offers access to a pool is a fantastic way to kick off the start of the sunshine season!  A pool is also another great incentive to getting in some exercise before you hit the summer parties!  Laundry Facilities Another idea that’s synonymous with springtime is spring cleaning!  That’s right, it’s time to pull open the drawers, empty the closets, and roll up your shirtsleeves.  During the long winter months, your apartment rental can easily become a storage facility for a whole bunch of things you don’t need.  As you go through the cleansing process, you’ll likely find a lot of stuff that you are glad to get rid of, as well as many items that could use a good washing!  Having on-site laundry facilities will make the process of spring cleaning exponentially easier as it pertains to your bedding, the clothing you’ve stored all winter long and anything else that could use a little freshening up.  Outdoor Spaces The last thing you’ll want to do as spring commences is to spend the entirety of its beautifu

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The Top Questions You Should Ask if You’re a First

Mar 19 2019 12:46PM

Looking for an apartment in Hattiesburg is a fun and exciting process.  With so many fun things to do and access to some amazing schools and outdoor activities, it really is a wonderful place to call home.  Being a first-time renter, however, is a big deal and it can bring up a lot of questions!  With so much on your mind, it can be easy to forget what the most important things to ask are, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.       What is the Application Process? If you find an apartment in Hattiesburg that you really like, you’ll obviously need to go through the application process in order to get considered as a potential tenant.  With more and more landlords and management companies taking their businesses online, this process has gotten exponentially easier.  Do not, however, assume that you’ll be able to find everything you need on an apartment communities website.  Many landlords still require paperwork to be filled out by hand, so make sure you know how to take the next step before you leave the property tour.  What is Included in Rent? Among the most obvious questions you will want to ask is what is included in your rent, as well as how it is to be paid on a monthly basis.  Finding a quality apartment in Hattiesburg will look differently to everybody, meaning that there’s a range of different price points to consider.  Some apartment communities will throw in a lot of incentives, including things like cable, internet, or water in your monthly rent, while other will not.  It is important that you really know the true cost of your living situation before making a commitment.  Are There Any Upcoming Renovations? Hattiesburg has grown significantly over the past few years, meaning that there has been a lot of building and new construction in the area.  Regardless of whether you’re moving here as a student, for work, or to raise a family, having a peaceful and quiet environment is probably pretty important to you.  That’s why it’s imperative to ask your potential landlord about any upcoming construction projects they may anticipate over the course of the next year.  Is the Neighborhood Safe? While Hattiesburg has a relatively low overall crime rate, it is a city, and, just like any other city, it will have some areas that are safer than others.  While you look for your perfect apar

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Life in a Rental Apartment May Come with Tax Dedu

Feb 28 2019 9:09PM

The deadline to file taxes is fast approaching, and this can leave many of us squirming in our seats!  With the rules changing drastically from year to year, it can be daunting to try to figure out whether you’ll be getting a refund or being slapped with a big bill!  If you live in a rental apartment, you might be surprised to learn that there are some deductions you probably qualify for that could help you swing those tax documents in your favor!  Read on to learn more about tax breaks for renters! Renter’s Tax Credit Although this benefit isn’t available everywhere, certain states are all about offering renters an extra break!  Your rental apartment will obviously become an exponentially cooler place if it can help you earn some Benjamins, so let’s see if you qualify!  The states that are currently offering renter’s tax credits are California, New Jersey, Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.  It’s important to note, however, that the qualifying factors are different in each state.  Depending on the state you are in, your filing status, your income level, and other factors, you could be looking at a kickback anywhere from $50 all the way up to $3,000!  That’s a lot of cash back in your pocket, so definitely take the time to understand the full breadth of your state’s policy on renter’s tax breaks.     Subletting Tax Breaks If you live in a rental apartment that boasts some extra space (and your lease agreement allows you to sublet this portion of your home) you might be eligible for a tax credit!  You will, however, have to report one hundred percent of the income that you are making from the sublease.  Reporting it as a profit could potentially allow you to deduct other expenses, such as a portion of your rent, renter’s insurance, your utilities, and more! Home Office Deductions Working from home certainly has its fair share of perks, the least of which is not the ability to potentially incur some tax breaks because of it.  If you use any portion of your rental apartment as an office space, you might be eligible to cash in on this home office tax deduction as well!  It’s important to acknowledge, however, that in order to qualify you must have a dedicated space within the living area of your apartment that is sol

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Easy Ways to Fight the Winter Blues in Your Apartment Rental

Feb 13 2019 4:09PM

February is a tough month.  You’ve gallantly braved the past five months of cool (and recently some DOWNRIGHT COLD) weather and you know that springtime is just around the bend but it doesn’t seem like it can get here fast enough!  These woes can be significantly compounded if you’ve spent these past few months holed up in your apartment rental fighting off your impending spring fever.  This is where you run into some options!  You can either wallow in the dismal grey of February, or you can create an early kick-start to the springtime that’s just ever so slightly out of reach!  If you choose the latter, here are a few tricks to help you on your way.     Let the Sun Shine In While it may feel a little dismal out on most February days, take full advantage of any time that the sun decides to pop its heads out and send some warm, soothing rays your way!  Sweep open the curtains and let it pour into your apartment rental full force!  Letting even the slightest bit more sunshine into your life offers a quick reminder that it won’t be long before it’s available more permanently!  If Mother Nature isn’t feeling all that cooperative when it comes to easing your winter blues, consider investing a little cash in lightbulbs that mimic the glow put forth by the natural sun.    Freshen Up With Flowers Stepping out into your local garden and plucking a few perennials may not be a possibility right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find some comfort in the presence of flowers.  In many places, grocery stores will carry a relatively broad selection of blossoms year-round, but if they don’t, you can always rely on the local florist.  If that fails too, submit to going for silk options!  They may not be exactly the real thing, but they are certainly close enough to invite the feeling of spring into your apartment rental.             Liven Up Your Walls Nothing augments the gloom of winter more than the colorless hues associated with it.  If you’re suffering from a bout of pigment deprivation, spice up your space by livening up the walls of your rental apartment.  If you can paint, go for it!  It’s super cheap and relatively easy, plus it’s a great excuse to host a painting party.  Pick one wall in

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The Many Pros of Having Renter’s Insurance

Jan 31 2019 9:00AM

Despite the many amazing benefits of renter’s insurance, it’s surprising how few people sign up for it when they move into a new rental apartment.  Renter’s insurance is largely misunderstood, and not nearly enough attention is given to it that would explain why it is something you should absolutely take the time to purchase.  Read on to understand why you should get it and how it could potentially save you big bucks down the line.  It’s Ridiculously Cheap One of the primary reasons why renters don’t bother to purchase insurance for their rental apartment is because they assume it is just another large and unnecessary expense.  The truth, however, is quite the contrary.  Renter’s insurance is insanely cheap.  In fact, the average cost of a quality policy adds up to around $184 per year.  For those who aren’t that skilled in the math department, that comes out to about $15 a month!  Some policies can even run as low as $8 a month and still offer comprehensive coverage.  When you consider all of the expenses having renter’s insurance could offset, it makes it a no-brainer that paying for this service is a really good thing to think about! Fire & Wind Protection In the case of a natural disaster, there’s a good chance that damage can and will be done to your rental apartment.  It’s a common misconception that the policy your landlord is required to have will adequately fix any and all damages that you incur, but this is absolutely not the case.  Your landlord’s policy is put in place to protect his/her building only.  That means that, should your personal property (such as your car) be damaged, you will be solely responsible for paying the tab.  Damage You Cause Another big perk to carrying renter’s insurance is that it will protect you from having to pay out of pocket for any damage that you inadvertently cause.  For example, if you happen to be riding your bicycle in the parking lot outside of your rental apartment and you hit a patch of sand and take out the taillights on your neighbor’s Mercedes Benz, your renter’s insurance can help to cover this!  It does cover so much more than just the four walls you live inside. Theft Protection In the unfortunate event that somebody decides that they like the conten

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Tips to Be Fully Prepared to Move in to Your New Apartment Rental

Jan 24 2019 9:19AM

The process of finding and leasing the right apartment rental can be very exciting (if not a bit hectic).  Sometimes, all that excitement can leave you forgetting some of the most crucial elements that will make the entire process easier for you.  If this sounds familiar, don’t worry!  We’ve put it all together in one place so that you have everything you need to know to keep your overwhelm from overshadowing your joy!  Make Sure You Do a Walk-Through This is a crucial step to the rental process that often gets overlooked, particularly by first-time renters.  Even if you have viewed your new apartment rental previously, a lot can change in a short amount of time.  Chances are strong that when you were touring the property the first time, you were focusing mainly on what was right about the space, rather than what was wrong with it.  A walk-through (with the landlord or the management company present) is an opportunity for you to go through the space with a fine-tooth comb before you hand over a large check (that likely includes a security deposit) to your landlord.  Some key things you will want to look for include: Nicks, dings, & dents on kitchen appliances Faulty outlets or light switches Leaky sinks, tubs, or toilets Water damage or water stains on ceilings or walls Places where walls have been patched Scuffs, chips, or peeling of flooring Working order of your HVAC system While some of these may seem like bigger deals than others, they are all of equal importance.  Failure to point these things out might result in you paying for them at the end of your lease.  Pack Properly Packing to move can become a pain pretty quickly, particularly if you are in a hurry.  That being said, keep in mind that rushing through the process will only create more overwhelm later down the line.  Take the time to pack properly by separating your boxes room to room.  Pack similar items together and label each box clearly so that you know where it will go when you get to your new apartment rental.  Invest some money in bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or anything else that will help to protect your breakable items as they are transferred from one space to the next.  Even if you’re only going a short distance, this can make a big difference.  Hire Reliable Movers It can be extremely tempting to “hire”

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Why Renter’s Insurance is a Necessity for Your Rental Apartment This Holiday Season

Dec 28 2018 2:50PM

The holidays are the time of year for family, festivities, and food, but, unfortunately, they can also come with their own set of issues.  I’m not just talking about Auntie Judy’s infamous Jell-O mold either.  The holiday season is a prime time for burglaries, slip-and-falls, kitchen disasters, and other unpleasant scenarios.  When you’re a renter, it can seem like many of these things wouldn’t be something that you need to worry about, but that’s where you’re wrong.  Your landlord is only obligated to the terms set forth in your lease.  If you haven’t read the fine print well, this might mean that an unfortunate incident such as those listed above could leave you with a heap of unexpected responsibility.  That’s why getting insurance for your rental apartment is an absolute must, not only this holiday season, but throughout the entire year.   Theft In the instance of a burglary, you can be left reeling, angry, and confused.  Add onto that the extra added stress of trying to figure out how you are going to replace the items taken from your rental apartment, and it can be the recipe for a perfect storm.  Renter’s insurance will take care of that part for you.  After you’ve met your deductible, renter’s insurance will kick in to replace the full cost of any additional items that were taken.  Not only that, but if you plan on traveling for the holiday, it can help you there too.  Oftentimes, renter’s insurance policies will replace any personal items that are taken from your vehicle as well.     Fire A beautiful expression of the holiday spirit in your rental apartment is the addition of holiday lights.  While they are certainly pleasing to the senses, incidents of house fires skyrocket during the holiday season, mostly due to poor wiring, overworked outlets, or unattended candles.  Don’t get caught ablaze this holiday season!  In the unfortunate event of a house fire, your renter’s insurance will have you covered, replacing the full value of any loss you incurred (after the deductible has been met) as a result of the incident.  Holiday Cooking One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending time in the kitchen, creating delicious dishes to share with your friends and family.  That being said, the kitchen is also a notorious hub for holiday hazard

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How to Throw a Great Holiday Celebration within Your Apartment Community

Dec 20 2018 6:35PM

Living in an apartment community can offer you the opportunity to be exposed to lots of different types of people that you may not typically interact with.  If you haven’t had a chance to get to know some of your neighbors throughout the year, the holidays are a great time to bring everybody together for a celebration and begin to do so.  Take a look at some of our tricks to throwing a really successful holiday party, sit back, and enjoy the festivities.    Utilize Common Areas Most likely, your apartment community has some common space available for the use of its residents.  The holiday season is the perfect time to put that space to good use.  Schedule a meeting with your property manager or landlord and let them know what you are trying to do.  Ask them if there are any guidelines, rules, or regulations that you will need to follow in order to host a holiday function in the space (i.e., is alcohol allowed on the premises, is there a limit to how many people the space can accommodate, etc.) .  Definitely inform them that you want it to be an event that includes the entire community.  They may be willing to waive any room rental fees or deposits, and might even offer to help out some.  If your idea gets squashed, don’t get discouraged.  Think about outdoor common spaces or maybe even consider a “block” party, where an entire floor of apartments participate in the hosting, allowing other guests to roam freely throughout.    Be Considerate When Choosing a Date Chances are good that your apartment community party will not be the only holiday invite that your guests receive this year.  Between office functions, family, and friends, calendars can get inundated with plans quickly.  Send out your invitations early enough that people have time to prepare (at least two or three weeks out).  You might also consider choosing a weeknight at an earlier time, rather than a weekend when more of your neighbors are likely to be out doing their own thing.  Include All Denominations Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or something else, the chances are good that not everybody in your apartment community celebrates the same thing.  Be respectful of differences between your neighbors by bringing in elements of every type of holiday celebration.  You

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Keeping Your Apartment Rental Safe through the Holiday Season

Nov 30 2018 5:48PM

The holidays are time for friends, family, good food, and celebrations.  They are also, unfortunately, one of the worst times of the year when it comes to burglaries and theft.  Keeping your apartment rental safe throughout the season should be a top priority, and for that reason we’ve put together some simple ways that you can do just that.  Enlist Your Neighbors One of the greatest perks of life in an apartment rental is the close proximity of your neighbors.  A good relationship with your fellow apartment dwellers helps to ensure the safety and sanctity of your space.  With the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to reach out to your neighbors and get everybody on board to keep an eye out for one another.  You might enlist a protocol where neighbors will pick up packages left on each other’s doors, leaving in their place a note that they have them.  Your neighbors are also a great way to keep an eye on your space when you are out of town for your holiday celebrations.  Careful Who You Talk To Speaking of leaving town, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to let too many people know that your apartment rental is going to be vacant.  Thieves are waiting to get a hold of this information, so make sure that you keep your travel plans on the hush. Track Your Packages With so many packages coming and going during the holiday season, it can be easy to forget what you are waiting on.  That’s why it’s so important to keep track of what is being shipped to you.  If you know what date things are scheduled to arrive, you can arrange to be at your apartment rental to intercept them or arrange for somebody else to be there for you.  You might also consider requiring a signature for all deliveries, which will ensure that they get to you safely.  Sensor Lights With the winter months comes the inevitable fact that it gets darker a whole lot earlier.  This makes it much easier for seasonal thieves to get to your belongings before you get home from work.  Motion sensor lights can be purchased relatively inexpensively at any hardware store, or even online and installation is typically fairly simple as well.  Ask your landlord if he/she minds. 

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Find the Best Apartments in Hattiesburg and the Surrounding Areas!

Nov 30 2018 4:46PM

Hattiesburg is a great place to live.  It’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to call it home!  Its growth over the past few years shows no sign of stopping, with a predicted 40.7% increase in job growth over the next decade!  That means that now is the time to start looking at apartments in Hattiesburg!  If you’re ready to make your move, working with the professionals at Hattiesburg Apartments is your next step!  Read on to learn more about all of the amazing properties we are offering to our clients!   Diversity Hattiesburg Apartments is dedicated to offering our clients access to a vast array of properties in the area.  For that reason, we’ve teamed up with 17 of the best apartment rental communities around to make sure that we have something for everybody!  Whether location, budget, or amenities are among your top priorities when searching for your next home, we are certain that we can help you find it!  The one thing that stands true for all of our properties is that safety is a number one priority!  For that reason, we’ve made sure that each of our properties offers 24-hour access to emergency maintenance Floor Plans Apartments in Hattiesburg range drastically in size, but we’ve got you covered, offering various floor plans to please everybody.  Our properties range in size from 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom units, to 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom units.    Community Location One of the top priorities to consider when looking at apartments in Hattiesburg is location!  We’ve got something for everybody here too!  Whether you choose an apartment nestled into the bustling Midtown area, or something a little further off of the beaten path, Hattiesburg’s charm and old-south feel will sweep you off of your feet.  With the University of Southern Mississippi at its heart, being within close proximity to the lively campus may be a priority for some, while others will be looking for a place with quick and easy access to the major roadways of Highway 49 and Interstate 59.  Whether dining, shopping, entertaining or educating is your thing, Hattiesburg truly does have something for everybody.  Here are some of our favorite places in the area:      Popular Restaurants: Corner Market Mugshots Grill & Bar Mahogany Grill Patio 44 Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Half Shell Oyster House Shopping & Retail: Turtle Creek Mall Corner Market Eve Marie’s John White Limited Kitc

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